ČKD Blansko - 4th Annual International Summit and Exhibition: Hydropower Balkans
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ČKD Blansko


Main actvites: electromechanical hydropower solutonsn spherical and buterry valvesCompany entry:ČKD Blansko is one of leading providers of solutons in hydropower industry. Following a traditon ofover 100 yearsn CKD Blansko provides turn-key electro-mechanical solutons and full scope of supportngactvites: hydraulic research and testngn designn manufacturen erecton and commissioning for newinstallatonsn refurbishmentsn upgrades and overhauls. CKD Blansko provides innovatve solutonsendorsed by experience of our technical personnel for largen medium and small hydro power plants aswell as pump storage power plants. Modern in-house manufacturing facilites ensure top qualitynreliability of delivered equipment and short lead tmes. In-house optmizaton of performance throughhydraulic designn supported by model tests in own laboratory with four dedicated test rigs ensures stateof the art innovatve designn capable of meetng the most demanding requirements of the customer.Our new and existng clients highly value our focus on environmentally friendly solutonsn rexibility andexcellent support during operaton.
Gellhornova 1
678 01 Blansko
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 516 402 900
Fax: +420 516 417 344
E-mail: hydro@ckdblansko.cz