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ACER, Energy Community to tighten cooperation on electricity market coupling

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The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators, ACER, and the Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB) as well as the national regulatory authorities agreed to intensify cooperation and share knowledge on a regular basis, the Energy Community said in a press release.
A few days ago the ACER, and the Energy Community Regulatory Board organised in Rome a joint workshop to discuss the status of the implementation of the EU Regulation on capacity allocation and congestion management. The aim of the workshop was to tighten cooperation with the national regulators of the Energy Community in this area.

“If electricity market coupling is supposed to successfully happen in South East Europe, we have to look beyond the borders of European Member States and make sure that our partners from neighbouring Energy Community Contracting Parties are involved and informed as early as possible”, Alberto Pototschnig, Director of the ACER said.

EU Regulation on capacity allocation and congestion management designs rules for coupling electricity markets. Although this EU Regulation is yet to be made binding in the Energy Community, several voluntary market coupling projects have been proposed under the Western Balkan 6 Initiative with the support of the Energy Community Secretariat

“If we want to achieve an efficient mechanism for cross-border trading and a better integration of markets, a close coordination between ACER and ECRB is crucial in this respect. I, therefore, welcome the newly established cooperation format“, ECRB President Giorgi Pangani noted.

Energy Community Secretariat Director Janez Kopač said that he is pleased to see that ACER and ECRB including the national regulatory authorities agreed to intensify cooperation in this sector.

In December last year, the Energy Community launched regional projects for technical assistance to support day-ahead market coupling and cross-border balancing in the Western Balkans. The projects are expected to be finalized by end 2018.



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In March 2019 Serbia and Republika Srpska (RS) intend to jointly build the hydropower plant (HPP) Buk Bijela. The installed capacity of more than 180 MW, will equally contribute

to the energy stability of Serbia and the RS. HPP Buk Bijela will be built about 11.6 kilometres upstream from Foča. It is planned to be equipped with three hydro generators with

a total capacity of 93 MW, with the expected average annual electricity generation at around 330 GWh. The project would require an investment of EUR 193 million. Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) is currently reviewing the project for HPPs Buk Bijela, to be followed by determining the pace of implementation.


At the end of 2017, EP S announced its intention to overhaul 10 units of HPP Đerdap 2 over 10 years, to help ex tend the plant ’s lifespan and boost its capacity by 50 MW. EPS and Siloviye Mashiny are cooperating on the overhaul of HPP Đerdap 1. The overhaul began in 2009. In Jul y 2018, the t wo companies signed a contract on the modernization of the A2 and A3 units in or der to complete the revitalization of the entire HPP in 2021.


EPS (Serbian state-owned power utility) plans the construction of 2 small hydropower plants on existing dams – SHPP Celije and SHP P Rovni. The project is a part of the programme for reconstruction of SHPPs through the loan of EBRD. The programme encompasses the reconstruction of 15 SHP Ps with total installed capacity of 18 MW. The project also includes the supply of electrical and mechanical equipment and their installation. Once the tender documents are signed, the works will be completed within 62 weeks.