• 2000 HPP to be constructed in Balkan region by 2025
  • 24bn EUR – the overall investment in the Balkan hydropower before 2025
  • 8400 MW – existing and under-construction hydropower capacity in the Western Balkans, generated by 53 middle and large HPPS and 203 SHPPs
  • 1 567 MW is potential of Small HPPs in Balkans
  • 436 HPPs to be built in Albania by 2025
  • Serbia has the highest in the regions installed hydropower capacity – 2,835 MW
  • 522 MW new capacity is a hydropower target of Bulgaria by 2018
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina has a hydropower potential of more than 6,000 MW, of which only 2,504 MW is currently exploited
  • Macedonia has a hydropower potential of 5,500 GWh, of which only about 1,500 GWh is currently utilised
  • 1655 MW is Croatian hydropower capacity goals by 2020, which are currently realised by 14%
  • Only 18% of total hydropower potential is installed in Montenegro. There are currently 27 projects being implemented on some 25 water courses.
  • Energy Regulatory Office of Kosovo plans construction of some 140 MW hydropower capacities by 2020.
  • The installed capacity of hydropower of Romania is 6,715 MW, representing a third of Romania’s total installed electricity generating capacity
  • By 2020, the aim of Slovenia is to have 568 plants with a total installed capacity of 192 MW (758 GWh).
  • To date, EBRD has supported 51 HPPs with 240m EUR – the investment of EBRD in the construction of 51 HPPs in Western Balkans
  • The European Investment Bank (EIB) has provided 437m EUR – the investment of EIB in 5 HPPs in WB for construction of 5 hydropower plants in Western Balkans

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