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FDI into Albania rises 9.1% in 2018

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The inflow of foreign direct investments (FDI) in Albania increased to 981.6 million euro ($1.1 billion) in 2018, as compared to 899.9 million euro in 2017, according to central bank data published on Monday.
On a quarterly comparison basis, the net inflow of foreign direct investment also increased – to 263.8 million euro in the fourth quarter of 2018, from 221.0 million euro in the July-September period, the central bank said in a report.

The biggest volume of foreign investment in Albania in the fourth quarter, of 80.2 million euro, originated in Switzerland, followed by France with 43.7 million euro.

The sectors, which attracted the biggest volume of investment by non-residents in the October-December period of 2018 were electricity, gas, and water supply with 80.7 million euro and mining and quarrying with 57.8 million euro.

Currently, Albania’s economy is fed by two big energy projects – the construction of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and works on a hydropower plant along the Devoll river.

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