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PPC owns and manages 15 significant Hydroelectric Power Plants in the rivers Nestos, Aliakmonas, Edessaios, Aoos, Acheloos, Tavropos, Arachthos and Ladonas

The Hydroelectric Stations Sfikia and Thisavros at the rivers Aliakmonas and Nestos respectively, act as reversible-pumping stations. They store water in their reservoirs by pumping at hours of low demand, and the water is released through the turbine to produce electric power during hours of high demand, thus contributing to the normalization of peak daily load curve resulting in both the ability to cover the increased energy needs of particular times and to reduce costs (optimization of energy balance).
Unit No1 of the new hydroelectric power plant (HPP) Ilarionas sync for the first time on Thursday 23.1.2014, at the opening of trial operation with the National Interconnected System.
After completion of the test program the HPP Ilarionas will annually produce approximately 330 GWh of electricity from clean renewable resources, contributing to the optimal utilization of multiple hydrodynamic of river Aliakmonas.
PPC schedules the integration of the new hydroelectric power plants Metsovitiko of 29 MW and Mesohora of 160 MW.
Also, the study for smaller scale hydroelectric power plants Mesochora 1.6 MW and Papadia 0.50 MW is implemented.


HPP Ulog, EFT Group, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

HPP Ulog project is located on Neretva river in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. EFT Group is developing the project based on a 50-year concession awarded by the Government of Republika Srpska. Installed capacity is 35 MW with annual production of 85,000 GWh. Total project capex is EUR 70 million. Site preparation activities have been completed and permitting is being finalized. Planned commencement of construction in 2018 and expected commercial operation in 2021.


5 HPPs reconstruction.National Electricity Company (NEK), EBRD, Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s state-owned National Electricity Company (NEK) plans to call tenders for rehabilitation of hydropower system capacities, to be partly financed with grants from the Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund (KIDSF) administered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The overall budget of the project is 37 million.

The project envisages the rehabilitation:

Chaira Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plant (PSHPP): capacity – 864 MW;
Belmeken PSHPP: capacity – 75 MW;
Sestrimo hydropower plant (HPP): capacity – 240 MW;
Momina Klisura HPP: capacity – 120 MW;
Vacha-1 HPP: capacity – 14 MW.


Gornji Horizonti HPP system construction. Elektroprivreda Srpske/ Hidroelektrane na Trebišnjici, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Construction of Gornji Horizonti system including HPPs Dabar, Nevesinje and Bileća is planned in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia & Herzegovina. HPP Dabar is the first and the most important plant in the whole system. Seventy percent of its initial capital is provided by the company Hidroelektrane na Trebišnjici while 30 percent of the capital provides the state-owned Elektroprivreda Srpske.

HPP Dabar: capacity – 159,15 МW€179.9 million
HPP Nevesinje: capacity – 60.0 МW, €99.5 million
HPP Bileca: capacity – 33 МW, €48.1million


HPP Kalivac construction, Albanian Ministry of Energy and Industry

The Albanian Ministry of Energy and Industry announced a tender for the construction of the Kalivac hydropower plant (100 MW) on the Vjosa River and concession to produce power for the national grid over a period of 35 years. The private/public partnership project includes the construction of a dam along with the power plant, according to the Ministry statement. The hydropower plant will be built near the Kalivac village, in southern Albania. The bid closes on 18 July 2017.


“Zagreb na Savi”, Program Sava d.o.o., Croatia

Zagreb na Savi is a multi-purpose integrated investment scheme planned in Croatia to serve multiple functions such as flood mitigation, the improvement of water management for the water supply, hydropower generation, urban regeneration and landscape development, the development of transport, the promotion of tourism and navigation.

The energy facilities planned on the Sava River section from the border with Republic of Slovenia to Sisak have installed capacity of 130 MW for almost 600 GWh average annual production, all from renewable energy sources. This is equivalent to approximately 20% annual consumption of the city of Zagreb.

The Programme comprises 10 HPPs configured in three hydropower systems (HPS) from upstream to downstream:

HPS upstream of Zagreb comprises 5 HPPs:

  • HPP Brdovec
  • HPP Samobor
  • HPP Zaprešić
  • HPP Podsused
  • HPP Prečko

Zagreb HPS – comprises 4 HPPs:

  • HPP Jarun
  • HPP Šanci
  • HPP Petruševec
  • HPP Ivanja Reka

Sisak HPS – comprises 1 HPP:

  • Sisak HPP


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