Albania’s OSHEE buys 315,704 MWh of electricity for Dec delivery

TIRANA (Albania), November 24 (SeeNews) – Albanian power distributor OSHEE said it purchased a total of 315,704 MWh of electricity worth 27.8 million euro, to be delivered in two lots in December.
The auction started on November 21 and was concluded after four rounds of negotiations on November 23, the OSHEE said in its final report of offers posted on the corporate website.
A total of 28 domestic and foreign power suppliers participated in the auction, of which OSHEE selected seven to to proceed further: EFT AG, Future Energy Trading and Exchange Dynamics, GSA, Devoll Hydropower, GEN – I Tirana, AXPO DOO Beograd, and Ayen Energy Trading.
The average price achieved in the auction was 70.97 euro/MWh for the first lot (0:00 – 24:00 hours) and 93.36 euro/MWh for the second lot (7:00 – 23:00 hours).


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