Albania’s KESH sells 8,700 MWh of electricity for Dec 16 -18 delivery

TIRANA (Albania), December 18 (SeeNews) – Albania’s state-owned power corporation KESH said it has sold a total of 8,700 MWh of electricity worth 331,186 euro ($389,068) to be delivered in the December 16 -18 period.

KESH announced and concluded the auction on December 14, with the highest price offered set as the preferred criteria, according to the final report on bids posted on its website on Friday.

Nine domestic and foreign power suppliers and traders participated in the auction, as KESH selected four of them: EFT AG, GSA, Alpiq Energy SE and GEN-I Tirana shpk.

The price ranges achieved in the auction were 17.4 euro/MWh to 42.82 euro/MWh for the first lot and 17.37 euro/MWh to 30.55 euro/MWh for the second lot.

Albania produces 98% of its electricity from hydropower plants (HPP), most of it from three power plants along the Drin River, in the northern part of the country.

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