Kreshnik Bekteshi, minister, ministry of economy of Macedonia
Kreshnik Bekteshi,
Ministry of Economy of Macedonia
Ljupcho Nikolovski,minister of agriculture, Ministry of agriculture forestry and water economy of the Republic of Macedonia
Ljupcho Nikolovski,
Minister of Agriculture,
Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Economy of the Republic of Macedonia
Izet Žigić, president of the supervisory board, power utility of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Izet Žigić,
President of the Supervisory Board,
Power utility of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Agron Hetoja, CEO, albanian power corporation KESH
Agron Hetoja,
Albanian Power Corporation KESH
Ivan Bulatovic, executive director of the company, crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem AD (CGES)
Ivan Bulatovic,
Executive Director of the company,
Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem AD (CGES)
Reiner Dietmar, managing director, verbund renewable power GmbH
Reiner Dietmar,
Managing Director,
VERBUND Renewable Power GmbH
Željko Ratkovic, director of department of investment, power utility of Republic Srpska
Željko Ratkovic,
Director of Department of Investment,
Power utility of Republic Srpska
Martyn Osborn, technical director for energy, WBIF
Martyn Osborn,
Technical Director for Energy,
Niculae Havrilet, president, national energy regulatory authority (ANRE) of Romania
Niculae Havrilet,
National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) of Romania
Maksida Joldic, service & rehab Austria, project manager,ANDRITZ HYDRO
Maksida Joldic,
Service & Rehab Austria, Project Manager,
Lorenc Gordani, law adviser in the energy market, ACERC
Lorenc Gordani,
Law Adviser in the Energy Market,
Senad Salkić, executive manager for capital investment, Elektroprivreda BiH
Senad Salkić,
Executive Manager for Capital Investment,
Elektroprivreda BiH

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